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March 31, 2012
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Commissh - Valentia Belmonte by kasai Commissh - Valentia Belmonte by kasai
Commission for :iconnocturneoblivion:


When Christianity expanded and wars were being fought for religious dominance throughout Europe and it's neighbors, the Devil preyed on the fragile ideals of the times from the shadows. He fueled the pious and the sinful, alike... stirring up tensions and feeding on the misplaced ambitions of the Church.
Two of the church's mightiest Crusaders, Leone Belmonte and Matias Cronquist, were always paired on the battlefields of the known world and renowned for their martial prowess, their brotherly bond, and their unwavering devotion to God.
Upon their return home from a wartorn Antioch, their squad of fellow Crusaders mysteriously turned on them; puppets manipulated by a dark, unseen power. Back to back as always, Leone and Matias quelled their attackers until they lay slain at their feet. Then, from somewhere within the mangled hill of their fallen brethren, crept forward a very familiar yet very new foe. The Devil washed over them...smothered them and enveloped them into his void of a presence, and applauded their bloodletting. He hailed them by name, praised their exploits, and requested that they defect from their Crusader ranks and pledge themselves to his war against God, wherein their skills and loyalty would be rewarded with incomprehensible power and endless riches on both the physical plain and the spectral. Leone and Matias, ever the righteous and noblest of knights, refused...
But for a mere moment, there was reluctance. Reluctance from Matias. And the Devil smelled it, clear as day. He abruptly pried at poor Matias and delved into his heart and soul, playing at his most fragile memory: that of his beloved wife, Lisbeth, who had recently fallen to the plague. The Devil declared that Lisbeth could be born anew... and that she, Matias, and all he deemed worthy thereafter would never taste death. And so... the mighty Matias finally crumbled under the weight of a heavy heart. Leone, to sway his friend and brother, barked any and all reasons to not succumb to the Devil's silver tongue. But Matias saw only the face of Lisbeth; saw only he and she together for an eternity... and took up his sword. He brandished it before Leone, hesitant to use it, knowing full well that it wasn't the right thing to do. That it was impulsive and went against his character. That it went against the will of God. ...But Matias' own will had gone dark. The torn emotions in his heart were an instrument of the Devil, now. Strings at which he plucked with evil intent. And before he could think to stay his hand, Matias was on the offensive, pushing back Leone.
The two dueled for what seemed like an eterenity. Matias striked time and again with expressions upon his face that did not match his actions. He was in tears. And frightened. Leone could only defend and counterattack with pleas for Matias to regain his mind; a fruitless endeavor. Finally, having had no other choice, Leone took up his whip, and smited his friend down. As Matias crumpled to his knees in defeat, Leone gave one last attempt at begging for him to see reason. ... But he would not see it.
A veil of shadow churned about the fallen Matias as The Devil embraced his newfound champion and held his wrist to his quivering lips. He whispered unto him that his dark blood would bestow the power promised: that Lisbeth and immortality would be forever his. And so, Matias bit into the Devil's flesh and suckled from his veins. Leone could only watch from afar, from beyond the twirling veil that smited him to the ground in submission, pinning him on his hands and knees. The dark blood coated Matias' chin and innards, and began to change the Crusader forever...
The Devil was gone. But his agenda, was not. Matias rose from his knees with new power coursing through him. He eyed his trembling hands and his comrade... confusion coaxing his mouth agape. Leone, able to gain his footing now that the veil had disappeared, also stood and stared at Matias from across the way.
Matias, instantly regretting the deal he made, begged Leone to slay him where he stood before the power could fully consume him. He wished to die a Man of God, as he had served in life. But Leone could not end the life of such a man; a man that he had called brother for decades. His best friend. Leone looked into Matias' eyes... begged his forgiveness... and fell back. He retreated with a prayer, unable to kill this new abomination. Matias watched Leone turn his back and fade from view... and in a rage, gutted himself with his own steel. Yet, ...he lived. Before he could have another go at suicide, a resurrected Lisbeth stayed his hand... whispered into his ear... and lead him away into the night.
Years later, the two met once again on a contested battlefield. Matias now led an army of darkness against Man and against God... under the guise of Lord Dracula. If Leone had slain him all those years ago, he could have prevented the death and corruption of many. And for this, he was overcome with immeasurable regret. He approached Dracula in the midst of battle and challenged him with but a glance. What little of Matias there might have been left in him, was not rearing. It was Dracula's eyes that answered back. With no familiarity. No hesitation. No humanity. They dueled vigorously with neither able to claim who would emerge victorious until the final blow: the hilt of Leone's whip piercing Dracula's dark heart. Thereafter, he and his army of minions vanished as ash in the wind.
Upon Leone's return home, he went to the Vatican, and stood before Church officials. He told them of Dracula's origins and of his failure to slay him before he mastered the power bestowed unto him. He was to be executed for the demon he allowed to live. For the thousands of deaths he was responsible for. But some of the officials had a different idea. He could forego his execution and desecration of his family name if and only if he pledged his family's allegiance to the church and vowed that his bloodline would always be bound to servitude if Dracula and his minions should arise once more; an eternal struggle for redemption. He agreed... and so the Belmontes and Dracula were forever bound to clash throughout history.

Valentia is a descendent of Leone, cast into the Crusaders when it is learned that Dracula's minions are resurfacing. And where there is minions, Dracula himself is not far behind. Together with her older brother Amadeo, she must prevent Dracula's resurgence at any cost.
Her weapons include:
- The iconic Vampire Killer chain whip with a personal touch: a second, leather whip, entwined.
- A shortsword that she uses to parry before using her whip, or for dire short reach situations.

Done on Kent paper
Mechanical .5
Value fill in Photoshop
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