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May 12, 2011
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Commissh - Sandhya by kasai Commissh - Sandhya by kasai
Commission for :iconbpolitte:

Description: The woman drew the attention of everyone in the tavern when she entered. Their eyes drawn to her crimson hair, to her tarnished silver armor cut-through with veins of bright green vitriol, and her tall, powerful frame, so barely protected by the armor that it seemed almost useless.

She was beautiful. So much so that some failed to notice the look of simmering anger in her eyes. But her reputation came with her, and many knew this woman as she strode confidently to an unoccupied table. Some took their leave, hastily making their way onto the storm-soaked streets of Dragon's Jaw.

A few men are fools however, and one in particular, a powerful mercenary with nearly a decade of seasons under his belt, looked with lust at this tall, beautiful woman. He grinned at his companion.

"Look at her eyes." His companion whispered.

The mercenary looked and just smiled. "They're green."

"They're jade," he corrected.

The mercenary just shrugged.

"That's the Bloodjade Demoness," the companion explained, but the mercenary gave him a blank look, "Bloodjade Sandhya."

"So, she's a warrior, like me." The mercenary said.

"Not like you. I heard that she made a pact with Malfeas," the companion said, turning to spit on the floor at the mention of that terrible hell. "That she gave her soul to some foul demon so she might have her revenge on the men who killed her family, raped her and left her for dead.

"I've heard tales of the woman with blood-red hair and eyes of jade. She's slain every man who dares to approach her."

His voice fell to barely a whisper. "I've heard she's even an Exalt."

The mercenary laughed. "No Dragon-Blood would come into a place like this." His companion started to protest, but the mercenary cut him off. "It's just tall tales, I bet. Probably started by her. Any mercenary worth a damn needs a reputation that proceeds him."

"And even if that tale is true, she's still a woman," the mercenary said, clapping his hand on his friend's shoulder, "and on a night like this I could use a little something extra to keep me warm. And Iím betting she could, too."

The mercenary chose his own fate, though he didn't not know it, even at the end. He strode over to the table where Sandhya sat, images of a night with her filling his thoughts. Her face never moved. Her eyes never shifted. The glow from the fireplace didnít warm her expression. And before the proud mercenary looking for a new conquest could say a word, the woman growled, "Speak a word to me and I will slay you where you stand."

The mercenary's lips parted and the barest sound of a word left his lips, but it was never finished. He didn't even have time to scream as he died. Sandhya's crystalline sword whistled as it cut through the air and the body of the man, splitting him cleanly in two.

Drops of blood, her own blood, ran down Sandhya's temple as she cast her smoldering glare around the tavern, looking at each and every person in the room. None would meet her gaze.

She killed no one else there that night. She simply sat back down and continued her meal in her own private hell.

[Red Sonja has always been a favorite character of mine. Sandhya is my translation of that character into the Exalted RPG. A Slayer caste Green Sun Prince, Sandhya is a definite anti-hero who is filled with undying anger. She suffers an almost uncontrollable urge to destroy the men who brought her to this fate and men like them - anyone who would violate and steal the innocence of another. She doesn't think too fondly of her demonic patron either, seeing Malfeas as just another person trying to use her. She's trying to walk her own path, but her anger makes her easy to manipulate.


Commission info->[link]
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