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August 17, 2012
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Commissh - Krilin by kasai Commissh - Krilin by kasai
Commission for :iconnocturneoblivion:


Even with its people's constant lust for confrontation and the countless wars waged on its soils, the planet Verdura had never seen such devastation. Its bloody past was easily overshadowed by the conquest of galactic warlord, Frieza; an Algidi conquerer of worlds with an agenda to dominate and force the many species of the galaxy into servitude.
With his eyes set on Verdura, he had not anticipated the resilience of its people. The Saiyans, they called themselves. A fierce warrior race that relied heavily on traditions of superiority and earning whatever they deemed desireable by brute force. A more savage race has never been known. However, for all of their baser instinct and brutish tendencies, they were not without great minds. Much of the galaxy's best kept secrets were of Saiyan make: shapeless battle armor, the Source Capacity Observation Unit (SCOUT), and the very first mass produced Synthetic Ki for use as artillery in ground and space combat. All of which, to Frieza's great dismay, aided the Saiyans in resisting several attempts of planetary takeover.
But they could only prolong the inevitable. Frieza struck a deal with rogue Saiyans who's only allegiance resided in keeping their weaselly lives intact, or having a seat of power in the new galactic empire to come. They would go down in history as the "Betrayers", as they single handedly led Verdura to its demise. They did so by smuggling Saiyan technology to Frieza's forces, feeding false information to fellow Saiyans, and even assassinating Saiyan generals and diplomats. The latter of which, one Saiyan became notorious for: Radditz. Son of Verdura's greatest and most revered general, Bardock. He performed the unthinkable; he lured and murdered Bardock in cold blood. And while his deed was still fresh upon his hand, his younger sister, Kakarot, confronted him; a witness to his great betrayal. Fury gripped her, and as was common with most young Saiyans, she lost herself to bloodlust and vengeance.
The two siblings dueled over the broken Bardock, but Kakarot was ultimately overpowered. While she was in a vulnerable state, teetering in and out of consciousness, Radditz received a direct order from Frieza, who had been overlooking the bout from the shadows: wipe Kakarot's mind so that it could be reconstructed as he saw fit. He saw ferocious power in her... and in this way, he could harness her potential and utilize her as a puppet soldier. And so, the deed was done: Radditz placed his bloodied palm over his sister's face... and everything disappeared.
The "canvas" as Frieza often called her, was shipped off to a remote space station. This station was not only tasked with such experiments on prisoners, but was also the main contributor in the analyzing of alien tech that Frieza's forces had scrounged up from enslaved planets. The synthetic Ki produced by the Saiyans was being studied here and was to be duplicated for the war effort and applied to Frieza's warships. Kakarot was locked way into a stasis pod in a secret wing where she was to be prepped for the implanting of specific nano tech into the prefrontal cortex of her brain. This would render her unable to disobey orders and fuel her with motivation toward Frieza's own agendas. But the experiment would never take place.
A stray group of Saiyan militiamen raided the facility and destroyed it from the inside out. It was a quick hit and run tactic that heavily impeded the advancement of Frieza's forces. But the Saiyans didn't know about the subjects being kept in the secret wing. Intel only claimed that the facility was being used as an artillery forge.
As a failsafe before the space station's total decimation, all stasis pods were evacuated to be reclaimed at a later date. They drifted to different ends of space and out of memory. Kakarot's pod, however, happened upon a planet by the name of Earth in an uncharted galaxy, and crash landed into its wilds. Two monks from a nearby monastery, Krillin and Tienshenhan, seized the young girl from the wreckage and took her to their masters to be healed and tended to.
From that point, Kakarot was raised within the monastery walls. Thought she wasn't formally taken in as a Monk, she was trained in martial arts and Ki manipulation: the art of channeling one's inner spirit and giving it physical form. But even with the peaceful teachings of her new peers, Kakarot would often lose herself to unmatched rage... the blood of a Saiyan rearing its head. With the help of Krillin and Tienshenhan, now her best friends, she was able to learn how to quell her boiling blood and to apply it as a means of last resort; a feat that she would apply to many battles and eventually earn her the title of Earth's strongest warrior.
Over the years, Krillin and Goku develop a very unique friendship. One that blossoms into something reminiscent of love; though neither will admit it. For in times of war, focus should be elsewhere: on the enemy; Frieza's war comes to this new galaxy. And a final resistance rises for a chance at redemption and everlasting freedom: an alliance of Saiyans and Humans... the Red Ribbon Army. The galaxy's final hope.
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Ryoto Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... If only Dragon Ball Z was that great of a read. It would probably be pretty epic.
Muito louco Bro!
Dude...this is one of the coolest interpretations of Krillin i've ever seen!
Verdura means vegetables in Italian...
NocturneOblivion Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks again for drawing up my versions of Krillin AND Goku, I'm in absolute love with both of them! Best of luck on your personal endeavors man, hope to see you accepting commishes again sometime in the future! Much love!
Epzi10n Aug 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Nope. Too attractive to be Krilin. He also looks entirely too useful. And he has hair.
gigijhonson Aug 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
And a nose.
RebenaTeRa Aug 18, 2012
:la: awesome Krilin!!!
TravisHarris Aug 18, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Has Krilin ever hit anyone with Destructo Disk? He always seems to miss.
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