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January 14, 2011
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Commissh - Kirin by kasai Commissh - Kirin by kasai
Commission for :iconbpolitte:

Description: She was born Tepet Berel Kirin, daughter of exalts. The blood of Dragons flowed in her veins, awaiting only the breath of Mela to awaken it and lift her into the ranks of the Exalted. Her mother, a famed general in House Tepet was certain her daughter would take her second breath, and though she did not live to see it, she was right.

Only it wasn't Mela or another Dragon that claimed Kirin. It was the Sun who chose her, exalting her to be an exemplar of his virtue, making her one of his Zeniths.

Allowed to flee by a father who couldn't bring himself to kill her, Kirin escaped the Blessed Isle, leaving behind the only world she had ever known: her home, her father and her beloved sister, who must surely hate and fear her now. Still she is hunted by her hated betrothed, a cruel man from House Cathak who is himself blessed by the Dragons.

Now she is called Kurojusu, famed duelist who wanders the Scavenger Lands, fighting for justice and her honor, both as a Solar and as a daughter of House Tepet. She spreads the word of the Sun, telling of his virtues to any who will listen. Perhaps naively, she hopes to find a way to prove to her family that she is not the demon they think she is.

Time is not on her side and she is being forced into a confrontation with her former betrothed, who has demanded her sister as his wife, knowing that Kirin will not stand by and let that marriage occur.

(Kirin is a Zenith caste Solar from a very long running Exalted campaign. She is an honorable person who is lightning fast in a duel. Her presence is such that she almost demands attention when she speaks without even meaning to. She has a passionate temper and is a bit spoiled, growing up as a Dynast princess with a doting father.)
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corruptus118 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
do you have the same pic but a male instead of female?
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I like the pose and color!!!
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i really like this charater
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I love the subtle glow from the hilt of the sword. It's all got such brilliant detail.
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Nice face and pose!!
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She looks kinda hot o3o
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